A tour of Hum, a single, sortable place for capturing all your songwriting ideas.


The demo is a display of the Docalytics platform, a tool that allows marketing & sales professionals to effortlessly understand who is reading their content, what readers are interested in within that content, and how they can improve and create more effective content.


Acclaim translates resume-worthy skills and learning achievements into badges that can be seamlessly validated, managed and shared online.


Purlew will demo its hyper-local digital town square which connects neighbors, communities and local businesses together.


VoiceIt’s Voiceprint Portal Software Development Kit RESTful API Demo.


CLHOP, which stands for Closed Loop Healthcare Outcomes Platform and is pronounced “Klop,” is a mobile outpatient management solution for healthcare providers who see patients on a regular basis as part of a care pathway or a treatment plan and who want to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve outcomes, and differentiate services.

In a Snap

We will show how Target is leveraging image recognition in a new mobile app that allows guests to purchase items sold online and in stores from a photo in a magazine.