Casey Helbling and Justin Porter Join minne✱ Board

Casey Helbling and Justin Porter join minne✱ Board of Directors

Minneapolis, MN (October 3, 2013) – minne✱, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, instruction, training, and mentorship to Minnesota’s technology entrepreneurs, recently added two members to their Board of Directors, Casey Helbling and Justin Porter.

Helbling is the Founder and CEO of Software for Good, a software development firm that specializes in “building great software for companies doing great things.” He is a web application architect with almost fifteen years experience in design, development, and implementation of web-based software systems. Helbling holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology. “Joining minne✱ is a big honor, and I’m thrilled to help make Minnesota’s tech community the very best it can be,” Helbling said.

Porter is the Venture Center Senior Associate at the University of Minnesota’s Office for Technology Commercialization. His group is responsible for launching start-up companies based on University of Minnesota research. Porter holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

“I am excited to join the minne✱ team and help support the growing tech scene in Minnesota,” Porter said. “The minne✱ events get me excited about what we have and what will be developed in the future. Minnesota has great talent and minne✱ provides the forums to showcase that talent.”

Since 2006, minne✱ has connected Minnesota’s software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The organization hosts events throughout the year including a technology (un)conference, MinneBar, each spring, and several made-in-Minnesota tech product show-and-tell mixers, MinneDemo.

Board Strategy and Planning Session

On December 17th the minne✱ board will be meeting for an strategy and planning session. The agenda for the session is to put additional clarity around where minne✱ and the events we organize, minnebar and minnedemo, are going. Our goals are to:

  1. Review progress over last two years and plan for the next couple of years.
  2. Figure out how minne✱ needs to evolve and grow to accommodate that future.
  3. Make sure that minne✱ continues to develop into a more durable and sustainable organization.

As we prepare for this session it would be great to hear from any of you in the community. Please add any free form comments below that you think may be relevant, inspirational or just interesting as we work through these topics.

Sona Mehring Joins minne✱ Board

I’m very excited to announce that Sona Mehring has joined the minne✱ board. I have had the honor to serve as a board member at Sona’s organization, CaringBridge, for the last four years. In the August 10, 2012 meeting Sona officially joined the board.

CaringBridge is an amazing Minnesota-based non-profit that Sona started in 1997. From those scrappy beginnings Sona has now built a thriving organization that helps millions of people connect with loved ones, friends and family during health journeys. If you have had the opportunity to have a “CaringBridge moment” when you connect with someone you care about as they go through a health struggle you know that the site provides a vital bond. It is a free service supported almost entirely by individual donations.

As we looked to expand the minne✱ board it was clear that we had a very big gap in non-profit experience. I knew right away that Sona would be the ideal person to join the board given her non-profit background combined with her technical background. Sona spent many years as a software engineer as well as CTO for a startup before she started CaringBridge. She was excited about the opportunity to join:

A strong technology community is and needs to continue to be at the heart of a strong Minnesota workforce. minne✱ helps cultivate that community and make it stronger. Having my entire career within technology, I’m very passionate about helping minne✱ continue to have a great impact.  Its an honor to serve on the minne✱ board.

Sona’s tech and non-profit background is unique and I’m so thankful that she has joined the minne✱ board. You can find her on Twitter at @gogosona.

Jim Bernard Joins minne✱ Board

I’m very excited to announce that Jim Bernard has joined the minne✱ board. Jim and I have known each other for years while we worked at BigCharts and MarketWatch. As a result, Jim has heard and been part of minne✱ events from the very beginning when we did a session at minnebar 1! Growing and expanding the minne✱ board has been one my objectives for this year and in the August 10, 2012 meeting Jim officially joined the board.

Jim Bernard is the Sr. Vice President of Digital for the Star Tribune. He sees minne✱ as a key part of the Minnesota technology community:

I’ve been a long-time backer of minne✱ because of what it offers our creative technology community. At every gathering there is a collection of interesting, smart and engaged people who are making things happen. It is the very backbone of what makes Minnesota a unique and valuable place for start-ups and companies who rely on the forward march of technology. I’m delighted to join the board as minne✱ extends and grows this foundation.

On a lighter note Jim is an active blogger. He gave a great talk at Ignite Minneapolis on How to Manage A Softball Team to a Perfect Record. You can find him on Twitter at @bernardjim.

Jim brings a great executive background to minne✱ with a willingness to role up his sleeves and get things done!