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Ben Edwards

Website: http://alttext.com/
Twitter: @alttext


As designer, developer, entrepreneur, and catalyst, Ben has worked hard to ensure the organizations and communities of which he is a part thrive. Ben started MinneBar as “BarCamp Minnesota” after talking with the founder of BarCamp at a conference in California and later founded Minnestar with Luke Francl. After running the agile software development consulting firm Refactr for several years, Ben co-founded SmartThings—an IoT platform that went from Kickstarter to acquisition by Samsung in two years.

These days Ben advises startups and is working to launch Goodfolio—a nonprofit seeking to apply evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world through social giving.

Presentation Event Date
The Crowdfunding Panel April 6, 2013
Building Web Apps Discussion April 7, 2012
The Perils and Pitfalls of Consulting May 22, 2010
Web App Builders Roundtable November 21, 2009
Midwestern Startups: What is Possible? November 21, 2009
Small Teams, Big Results May 10, 2008
Discussion: Tech and Process to Build Kickass Web Dev Teams May 10, 2008
You can do that? Selling agile to the enterprise April 21, 2007
Design 2.0: What’s a web designer to do? April 21, 2007
Agile Design May 6, 2006

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