This month we are thrilled to have a leader in AI and Healthcare, Ngan MacDonald presenting on how AI has been used and also will be used in Healthcare in the future!

AI has long been heralded as the solution to our broken healthcare system. Huge amounts of money have been poured into this space and yet there is not a lot to show for it. Why is AI so hard in healthcare? How can AI be used in healthcare?

Presenter: Ngan MacDonald

Ngan is the Chief of Data Operations at the Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Medicine, a 2022 Cohort Candidate for Women in Bio 3.8 Initiative, and a Healthcare Senior Advisor at McCormick BI.

She believes passionately that healthcare data needs to be liberated and used to enable better healthcare. We have enormous untapped opportunities in healthcare where we have an embarrassment of rich data that needs to be connected and made available to patients and their caregivers.