The BETA Cohort is a 5-month program designed to give you tools to help make your businesses more successful. This program is of no cost to you. The 5-month experience includes 3 months of programming and training (including the BETA Showcase), and 2 months of time with your peers to apply what you’ve learned. Once companies successfully complete the cohort, we will be invited to participate in future Bridge and Backers events. Fall 2022 Cohort programming will be primarily in-person events. Learn more about the BETA Cohort Program here:

In order to maximize your benefit, your participation in BETA programming is essential. This will mean attendance at and participation with the various BETA events. Plan to block 4 to 6 hours of engagement in BETA’s educational programming per week. *We require teams to have 80% attendance to our weekly programs as a company. Please see the timeline below for key dates and deadlines you will be committing to as a Fall 2022 Cohort company. Also included in the program benefits is the use of shared office space, at no cost. Community is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey, and if selected for the BETA cohort, we invite you to join our network of 300+ founders.

Fall 2022 BETA Cohort Timeline:

Jul. 6th – Applications open
Aug. 4th – Applications due at 11:59 pm
Aug. 18th – Learn if you were accepted
Sep. 7th – First day of Fall 2022 BETA Cohort
Sep. 21st – Fall Showcase from 5-9 pm
Sep. 7th – Dec. 7th – Weekly cohort programming/training on Wednesdays
Sep. 7th – Feb. 14th – Duration of the Fall 2022 BETA Cohort
Feb. 14th – Last day of Fall 2022 BETA Cohort

Criteria for Selection:
– First-time founders
– Working full time on their startup
– Based in Minnesota
– With a scalable tech-enabled product or service
– That is in market/able to be sold
– Either bootstrapping or preparing for Pre-Seed or Seed Stage financing

Applications will be admitted into the BETA Cohort based on the life-stage of your startup, your ability to participate in BETA programming, and your potential to maximize the program benefits.

Finalists for the BETA Cohort will be invited for a 30-minute interview with the BETA team, prior to our final selections.