Picture this: You’re part of a floundering scrum team. Mary complains she never knows what anyone is working on. Tom is always quiet. Ross uses acronyms for everything. Everyone is remote. As the Scrum Master, you decide to send articles or blog posts to reiterate why communication is important. You pull up a slide deck crammed with bullet points and words to help facilitate some new learning concepts and the team groans. Another slide deck? Boooooring!

What if there was another way to help teams improve and/or achieve better outcomes, that is both fun and engaging? Agile Games provide an opportunity for teams to learn together through game play and possibly discover improvements they can incorporate into their daily routine.

Come join us for this session where we’ll play a quick game ourselves and navigate the benefits of Agile Games. Marissa is an Agilist who has been serving organizations in the roles of Scrum Master and Coach. She is passionate around finding fun and creative ways to help teams learn and grow together.