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Discover the 8 spokes of a well-rounded business:

Envisioning success – I have clearly defined why I’m in business, what I hope to accomplish and guiding principles for how I will conduct my business.

Managing Finances – I have defined a path for my business to make and manage money (budget and/or forecast) with time bound revenue and profit goals.

Leading People and Partners – I have clearly defined and ensured understanding of the roles, responsibilities for the people working in and partnering with my business. I, my team, team leaders and partners are motivated, committed and content.

Marketing and Selling – I have defined a target market for my products/service and consistently convey a value proposition in a manner that compels target customers to buy.

Delivering Efficiently – I, my team and partners understand what to do, when, how and how much needs to be done, to efficiently deliver our product or service.

Meeting quality expectations – I understand customer expectations and have in place practices and measures to ensure consistent delivery of desired/promised value

Communicating business brand – I/we actively define, promote and manage the reputation of the business through consistent actions and communications.

Maintaining Personal Effectiveness – I/we achieve desired outcomes while maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

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