Join us for a joyful discussion with incredible Black creative minds from our community. We’ll explore their journey to becoming a creator, how their work has evolved over time, and their vision for creativity in the future. Moderated by Ashley Selmer, General Manager at The Coven and Founder/Creative Director of SHAPESHIFT.

The Panelists

Nicole Crowder Upholstery is a modern furniture and upholstery studio creating innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and home furnishings. Nicole’s work spans commercial, hospitality, and editorial clients and has been commissioned by leading hotels and restaurants across the country.

Twila Dang is the founder of Matriarch Digital Media – a growing media production company specializing in women-centered podcasts. Matriarch produces on-demand content that is evergreen. Their creators are passionate about speaking to women about various topics including body image, health, relationships, food and life span changes.

Leslie Barlow is interested in reimagining our relationship to our racial identities through healing our collective understanding of belonging and what it means to be family. Her life-size oil paintings serve as both monuments to community members and explorations into how race entangles the intimate sphere of love, family, and friendship. Her work is colorful, tender and nuanced, and inspired by community dialogue and personal experience.