As organizations face more uncertainty than ever before, it has become imperative to engineer systems that are both resilient and responsive to changing conditions faster and in ways that make them stronger or more adapted.

This year’s conference looks at resilience as a property of software and focuses on engineering practices that build systems that are more secure, less brittle, and easier to change. We’ll focus on defining, measuring, and optimizing resilient systems and examine their response to stressors, whether those conditions are errors, threats, or market volatility.

Code Freeze 2023 encompass cybersecurity, devsecops, chaos engineering, observability, and sociotechnical principles all in the context of engineering systems that can thrive in uncertainty.


Program Highlights


  • Jessica Kerr on Sustainable Resilience
  • Yolonda Smith on Cybersecurity
  • Jeff Sussna on Technical Agility

Workshops: Two parallel afternoon workshops from Thoughtworks

  • For practitioners: Walled Garden, a Practical Guide to 0-trust Kubernetes by Bryan Oliver & Sean Alvarez
  • For decision makers: How do you build modern resilient technical product platforms by Nic Cheneweth & Ajay Chankramath

Breakouts: Two multi-track sessions with 4-5 topics in each

  • Tools for Team Resiliency by David Laribee
  • Resilience of Medical Devices under security attacks by Ken Hoyme
  • Building for Resilience is Chaos Engineering by Matthew Schillerstrom
  • Exploring the Resilience Engineering Landscape of Practice by Kyle Marek-Spartz
  • Leveraging AI/ML for Tech Resilience in Modern Software Delivery by Konr Ness
  • Resilience Engineering in the Cloud by Kevin Hakanson
  • Using QA Automation to Enforce Code Resilience by David Ward

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