With 200 attendees, ConnectUP! Summit is the premier ecosystem event in Minnesota that convenes a curated group of investors, philanthropists, intermediaries, people of color-led and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneur community stakeholders with the goal of offering action-oriented content, and collaborative networking to bridge the 180 degrees of separation between entrepreneurs from underestimated communities and local investors in Minnesota.
ConnectUP! Summit also serves as connective tissue across the disjointed entrepreneur ecosystem (includes investors, banks/CDFIs, philanthropy, incubators, non-profits, academia, faith institutions & entrepreneurs).

With an emphasis on racial equity, the Summit disrupts exceptionalism and the ‘race-to-one winner’ pitch-competition model while powering investments into Black, Indigenous, immigrants, Trans and rural founders. To attend, all interested entrepreneurs, investors and Entrepreneur Support Organization leaders submit a 3-Minute Profile and participate in a short interview. This ensures that the Summit staff intentionally curates a space with investors and supporters to show up equitably for underestimated founders and with founders that are ready to receive that level of support.