This one’s got it all — coworking, exercise, and socializing! Join us at The Wilderness for coworking and light exercise. Then walk with us to LynLake Brewery for a drink/bite and more socializing.


  • 10 am – noon – Coworking
  • noon – 12:30 pm – Recess movement
  • 12:30-5 pm – Coworking
  • 5-TBD – Happy hour at LynLake Brewery


  • RSVP — Feel free to introduce yourself to the others in the Event Chat. (which becomes available after RSVP-ing)
  • Pack — Anything you need to work. There’s a fridge available, so you can pack a lunch and keep it there. They also have a binder of recommended local food options if you’d prefer to go out for lunch.
  • Arrive — whenever you can during the event window
  • Park & walk — There is plentiful street parking. They are in the same building as CVS on the corner of Lake and Dupont. The entrance is on Lake St underneath the circular sign with the dragonfly logo. The door will be unlocked.
  • Sign in — First-timers will receive a free day pass for open desk co-working. Day passes for returning customers are just $25
  • Tour — someone from The Wilderness will show you around the space whenever you get there.
  • Cowork — Find a spot in the open space and do your thing. Go heads down or find a group to casually hang out with. Coffee, tea, sparkling water, and snacks are provided.
  • Move around — Take a break for “Recess,” an optional 30-minute guided class that will get you loose, limber, and a little out of breath! Recess is a fairly light workout and doesn’t require a change of clothes. Most will just wear what they have on for the day. Those participating in the class will need to sign a waiver beforehand. They’ll have iPads ready-to-go for that.
  • Leave The Wilderness — They close for non-members at 5pm.
  • Hangout — Walk 5-minutes to LynLake Brewery for a pint and socializing.


  • The Wilderness is an inclusive community for individuals and companies who want a healthier and happier work environment, and those who want a fun and unique space to exercise!
  • Check ‘em out on TikTok and Instagram. They’d love to get a shoutout and see your POV of the experience.
  • Also – their multi-day passes are on sale for the holidays. 5 days of coworking for the price of 4 ($100)


I can’t make it the whole time, is that OK?
Yep! You can show up whenever you want. If you can’t make it to the coworking, feel free to just swing by LynLake. And if you just want to cowork with us for a few hours, that’s cool, too.

What’s the lunch situation?
Lunch is up to you. Pack one, order delivery, or get a group of other members together to go to a nearby spot.

Do I need to bring workout clothes?
No, Recess is a fairly light workout and doesn’t require a change of clothes. Most will just wear what they have on for the day.

OK, but what if I wanna bring workout clothes?
You definitely can! There’s also a shower stall available (but you’ll need to bring your own towel).