Do You Have Passion For Data & Analytics?

This free event is for high school, undergrad and graduate students from all Minnesota colleges and universities.

What to Expect
In a team of 2 to 4 students, you will develop and present data-driven answers to problems in business and society.

Choose one or both challenges:

4-week extended DATATHON:
– Analyze data to answer key questions
– Present your analysis and answers to a panel of judges on April 8th
– Data and questions will be provided to you on March 1st

1-day DATAGON:
– Competition held on the day of April 8th
– Work in a team or individual to analyze data to answer questions.
– Data and questions will be provided on April 8th

Nice Skills to Have
You can address data challenges in any way you know how. Programming or SQL knowledge is helpful, but not essential to win. Any openly available tool or application is allowed including:
– Spreadsheets
– Statistical packages
– Common programming language (such as Java, Python, and SQL)
– Visualization tools (such as Tableau, and SAP) packages
– Common Office Productivity Tools (such as Microsoft Office Suite)

DATATHON WINNERS – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
– Prizes and Awards for each team member
– Badge for your professional portfolio

Please note: DATATHON can compete in DATAGON. You may win both competitions.

DATAGON WINNERS – One winner per level
– High School level
– Novice level
– Advance level

Please note: You can only win in one level. For example, if you answered questions for the Advance level, you cannot win for Novice or High School levels.

Lodging (Limited)
For teams competing in the DATATHON that will be traveling from outside the Twin Cities area, there will be hotel accommodation. However, hotels room are limited, so please email Boern Vang,, for more details.