As a consultant, this month’s speaker Jonathan Tower gets to see many systems built by many different developers. Recently, he’s seen an uptick in the number of systems built with a microservice architecture in mind, but those systems often include a lot of the same mistakes that keep them from working well.

In this session you’ll learn from his experiences and get pointers on what to avoid in your microservices implementations so that you don’t accidentally build something which has all the worst aspects of a monolithic application and the worst aspects of microservices. These monsters are what he calls “distributed monoliths”, and he can help you avoid building one accidentally.

Speaker: Jonathan “J.” Tower

Jonathan, or J as he’s known to friends, is a husband, a father, and the owner of Trailhead Technology Partners, a custom software consulting company with employees located around the world. He is a Microsoft MVP in .NET and frequently speaks at software meetups and conferences. He doesn’t mind too much because he loves sharing what he’s learned and it also gives him an excuse to visit more of the National Parks, a passion of his, proven by the fact that he’s currently made it to 52 of the 63. J also has a passion for building community and has served on several non-profit boards over the years as a result. Currently, J sits on the SoftwareGR board, a non-profit trade organization dedicated to building the software industry in West Michigan. He also started Beer City Code, a software conference, and has served as president on that board for the last 12 years. J loves hiking, reading, photography, and trying to see all the best picture nominees before the Oscars ceremony.

Please attend for a chance to win a license from our partners at JetBrains.
This will be an online-only event – with the link below!

We’ll start at 5:30 PM CST, but feel free to grab a beverage and join a bit earlier!