The National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT) and partners have partnered with Mall of America for their 30th Birthday Celebration to offer Experience STEAM on August 10-14. This 5-day event is set to spark interest and excitement in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math). Activities will include a STEAM Carnival which consists of 5-30-minute tactile educational experiences, student competitions, and no cost pre-registered student camps and educator workshops. Providing the STEAM experience is just the beginning. The next step is to follow the pathway to post-secondary education and a career in the STEAM field. The National Science Foundation (NSF), Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (Minnesota State), and over 37 Educational and Corporate partners will be there to guide the way!

You are invited to join us at Experience STEAM. There is no charge to participate in the event other than travel. There are also opportunities to apply for professional development support.

There are a ton of great hands-on and educator professional development opportunities and student camps from a wide variety of NSF ATE and MinnState projects and partners. Sign up here!

Experience STEAM Website: