FUN Twin Cities is back for Winter 2022 ❄️!

Guest Speakers:

Kris Eul — Co-founder & CEO, Kinetic
Mike Jackson — Founder & CEO, Black Tech Talent

About Kris:

With 15 years of building early-stage ventures, Kris Eul has plenty of “FUN” stories to share.

From his college years when he sold his t-shirt company from his dorm room, Kris has gone on to build social tools that crashed a few clients’ websites. He would later become the first sales hire at Minneapolis-based, Kipsu, where he’d grow the company from five to 70 FTEs and 3000 customer partners globally.

Today, Kris is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kinetic, giving community leaders superpowers to support their community at-scale.

About Mike:

Mike Jackson is an entrepreneur in the entertainment, fashion and tech industry. He has always had a passion for entertainment and a fascination with what goes on behind the scenes as much as in front.

Living so far from the industry and coming from humble beginnings, Mike has navigated, networked, and created opportunities that have led him to create companies and innovate.

About FUN:

We believe in sharing and supporting the incredible highs of the Minnesota entrepreneur community, but we also know the hardships, tough lessons, and tears that go into navigating the startup waters. And we believe the more those aspects are talked about openly and honestly, the more the community can grow in empathy, understanding, and support. Because failure is just fuel for the next success.

FuckUp Nights (or FUN) is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure. FuckUp Nights Twin Cities has hosted a few of these events already, and the featured speakers wowed by sharing vulnerable stories of their professional missteps. This event promises to be no different.