Hybrid intelligence will drive the 4th Industrial Revolution. That is, human abilities that are augmented with machine capabilities will shape the future of work. This is not limited to just tasks and activities but also the squishy skills like communication, teamwork, empathy, and creativity. Already through the combination of cognitive science, AI, and the metaverse, we are advancing people’s capabilities with these squishy skills. Join this session to learn how you can tap into this convergence and employ AI and the metaverse to drive hybrid intelligence.


Please welcome our presenter this month, Neil Sahota. Neil is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations AI advisor, Chief Innovation Officer, and globally recognized speaker and author of the award-winning Best Business Book of 2019. Own the AI Revolution. Neil is a founding member of the UN’s AI For Good initiative and is actively helping them build out their ecosystem of strategic partnerships. Additionally, through his work with the Global Fortune 500 companies as a change maker, he created a disruptive thinking framework to show people how you can think differently.

Neil helps organizations disrupt themselves before someone else disrupts them. He is the Sherpa who unlocks those hidden opportunities, the architect the constructs the bridge to those opportunities, and the counselor that creates a safe environment to manage risk and establish buy-in.