We are coming together in person for the first time ever! Our ICCON community has been fully virtual since its inception in 2021, so we are excited to see some of you in person for this hybrid event. Please join us for an afternoon of informative talks on Reliability and Efficiency, and stick around for happy hour to connect with the speakers and other attendees.

This event will be hosted at our beautiful Target headquarters, at Target Plaza Commons: 1001 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

note: All talks will be followed by a short Q&A session

Event Kicks off at 2pm
Shannon Schulte, Incident Response Engineer Manager, Shipt

Shannon will guide us through the afternoon with a quick overview of the sessions and some helpful information for attendees

Driving SLO Culture
Prathiba Dorairaj, Principal Engineer, Target
Nathan Brezina, Lead Engineer, Target

Learn why Service Level Objectives (SLO) across the enterprise are vital to any organization. SLO is not just another metric on your panel, but it is an ACTIONABLE insight into the guest experience. Based on what matters to users, it will tell you where to focus. The goal is to triage, identify, and resolve the suspicious incident without finger-pointing and backed with data!

SLO is about:
– Simplifying the information overload for the engineers
– Reducing Mean-Time-To-Detect for incidents
– Reducing Mean-Time-To-Isolate for incidents
– Having actionable metrics

Hear how SLOs are changing the engineering mindset and culture.

Short Break

Product Based Approach to SRE
Kyle Marek-Spartz, Director of Site Reliability Engineering, Shipt
Roy Tewalt, Senior Principal Engineer, Shipt

A product mindset can benefit teams operating internal-facing services, but often these teams lack experience with product techniques that can benefit them. How does a team treat abstract “non-functional” requirements like reliability as a product? How can a team shift from reactive project work to proactive product vision? Shipt’s Infrastructure organization is establishing a product vision for itself. Come hear our initial approaches, the things that are tripping us up, and where we might go next.

Short Break

Staying Current with Tracing
Taylor Corrello, Lead Engineer, Target
Bryan Bertz, Senior Engineer, Target

In the world of microservices and distributed architectures spanning multiple teams, guest experiences increasingly rely on a complex set of services. Understanding the journey a request takes, the bottlenecks, and error flows can provide the visibility that enables engineers to better prioritize reliability and efficiency efforts.

This talk will trace through the journey Target has taken to enable distributed tracing for some of our key guest experiences, the challenges we have faced, and the benefits we have seen so far.

Short Break

FinOps as a Product
Kim Wier, Director Production Engineering, Target
Ron Tatro, Principal Engineer, Production Engineering, Target

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that in 2023, worldwide public cloud spending will grow 20.7% to total $591.8 billion. The practice of FinOps, or cloud financial management, is also growing as companies look to control their cloud costs.

In this session, representatives from Target will share their journey and success in adopting the FinOps framework and share an overview of FinOps, how Target has applied the concepts, and how they intend to bring FinOps to their private and public cloud operations.

Happy Hour starts at 4:30pm
Stick around and meet the presenters and other attendees

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