Chris Anderson, CTO of F3 & Jen Nowlin, Strategic Leader at OST will share how software and hardware partnering can accelerate your project.

IoT Innovation is complex and requires internal and external cross-functional expertise to perform well together to successfully commercialize connected products and services. Product Managers need to leverage IoT partner’s distinct expertise to effectively accelerate development and deliver differentiated IoT value to the market.

Every Product Manager struggles through innovation inflection points as they lead next generation product and service development. Partners help Product Managers pull through those key inflection points. Come learn how partner alignment works with an IoT Software Cloud Platform development partner, OST, and an IoT hardware connectivity development partner, F3 Wireless, resulting in development performance acceleration and a differentiated development value.

We will be answering these questions:

Why do you need partners?
What partner do you need?
What makes a good partner?
How do you best leverage each other?


5:30 – Virtual Networking – Discuss your current challenges with colleagues
6:00 – Introductions, Presentation and Q&A
7:00 – Adjourn