LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that has the potential to significantly enhance your resume, elevate your chances of standing out as a top candidate, establish a robust professional presence, effectively narrate your journey, and expand your network. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to tap into the full potential of LinkedIn beyond simply making connections.

Join us as we welcome Lillian Cotter, an esteemed LinkedIn Expert, Content Strategist, and Communications Consultant, who will share invaluable insights on leveraging LinkedIn for a successful transition into the tech industry.

Following Lillian’s presentation, you will have the chance to listen and engage with a panel featuring talented tech professionals who have effectively launched their careers through local boot camps and training programs. The panelists will share their experiences, valuable insights, and personal journeys from being students to becoming employed professionals in the industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network, gain valuable knowledge, and find inspiration on your path to success in the tech industry. Register now for our second Jumpstart event of the year, powered by MnTech!