After a months-long hiatus, Twin Cities Kotlin Users Group is back!

I’m excited to bring you a speaker virtually from Spain. Isabel Garrido will talk to us over the lunch hour about Kotlin Mutation Testing. I’ll let her explain…

“Have you ever heard of Mutation testing?

It’s a powerful technique to evaluate the reliability of your test suite. But chances are you’ve never heard of it. I’m here to help fix that for your today! In this talk, you’ll learn:

* how you can use Mutation testing to improve your tests
* what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technique, and most importantly
* how to make it all work in your own projects

Besides all this, I’ll show you how it’s being used in a production server-side API as part of the continuous integration pipeline. Get ready to add another powerful tool to your testing tool belt!”

We’ll take your live questions and comments over Youtube once again.