MN VR and HCI monthly meeting for Aug 2022: Creative Uses for 360 Video in VR. Event is in person and live streamed – details below.

Creative Uses for 360 Video in VR – Zach Chapman, Matt Summers Pixel Farm

We’ll share some new ways we used 360 video to get around Quest 2 performance limits for a VR driving demo made in Unity. It uses video data for a large detailed city environment, car mirrors, a futuristic car AR HUD at various depths, and other effects. We’ll cover:

Using video textures on multiple surfaces
Video atlassing for performance
Compositing with near and mid-range real geometry to avoid the flat video look
We’ll also talk about challenges and successes in using Unity Recorder for 360 video compositing and capturing hi res “headset” views. You can also try the Quest demo yourself, and try to spot which objects are 3D geometry, and which are pre-rendered video.


This event will be in person at REM5, and also streamed live at


6:30 Social, setup
7:00 Kickoff/announcements
7:15 Zach and Matt
8:00 Demos
9:00 Tear-down, head to the bar
About MN VR and HCI:

MN VR and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) welcomes developers, tinkerers and enthusiasts working with all variety of VR, AR, HCI, hardware hacking, creative coding and interactive art. Members are working on projects with custom displays and lenses, projection mapping, mocap, tiny computers, servos and sensors, interactive art and a wide variety of VR, AR, motion and computer vision applications. If you’ve only been to our parent group IGDATC meetings, MN VR and HCI is a slightly different format: We aim for smaller group discussions and lots of specific details.