Work & chat with fellow techies for free at REM5, Minneapolis’s premier virtual reality laboratory + event space!

– (Optional): Share a little about yourself in the Event Chat beforehand (what you do, what you’d like to work on or get help with)
– Arrive & leave whenever you want during the scheduled window
– Hangout & co-work: Chat and work with others or just grab a place to work quietly and soak up the techie vibes.
– Take a fun break by testing REM5’s VR and Metaverse/NFT gallery

Anyone who works in tech or aspires to work in tech (devs, operators, boot-campers, students, content writers, people transitioning careers)

– Meet collaborators & friends
– Find your next side project
– Get unstuck
– Volunteer your expertise
– Check out a unique space and company in the Twin Cities
– Meet REM5’s Director and learn about more opportunities with the company and space

REM5 has the world’s largest XR innovation facility. Their in-house studio creates immersive tech projects for brands and learning & development.

They also use their great space to host birthday parties, holiday parties, Mitzvahs, and corporate events.

On October 25 they’re hosting an in-person XR film fest, featuring a wide variety of stories told in new mediums including virtual reality.