Organizational Change, Without Losing Our Humanity

Join Brandi Olson as she shares her real-life experience and research on how organizations and people would benefit from better understanding how the human brain works while going through change to solve large complex problems.

Humanity isn’t a liability
Our brains do good work when it solves problems that matter most
Our most valued asset, the skills of collaboration

About Brandi Olson

Brandi Olson is a best-selling author, organizational agility expert, and the founder of Real Work Done, a consultancy serving leaders through agile transformation, organizational strategy and team design, and executive coaching. She has spent two decades consulting with organizations — from nonprofits to universities to global companies like 3M and Mayo Clinics. An expert in organizational learning and change, she teaches leaders how to solve problems and adapt fast with high-performing teams. A sought-after speaker on agility and high-performing teams, Brandi lives in Minnesota with her two kids, four chickens, and one dog.

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