Our August event will feature a talk from DecisionViz Founder and Tableau Partner, Lee Feinberg!

This is an online Global DataViz Meetup event, and will be being attended by multiple DataViz Meetup groups from around the globe.

1. Visualization is a language you have to learn. There are rules, guidelines, and strategies. Knowing how to work the software is the easy part.
2. Your brain has automatic functions to decode visual data patterns. But, the brain gets confused when it doesn’t see the expected patterns.
3. Five foundation visualization traits make up most dashboard work. Master these and your dashboards will be beautiful and have impact.

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7:00 – Group Announcements
7:10 – Lee Feinberg – Persuade Quietly
8:00 – Q&A

SPONSOR: I want to thank Foodtruck for helping sponsor this event. Foodtruck provides useful and re-usable charts created from free, open datasets that you are free to explore and use in your work. Learn more at https://foodtruck.ai

SPEAKER: Lee Feinberg founded DecisionViz in 2012 to help leaders use data to persuade decisions and drive action. He has worked with clients and lectured worldwide. Lee developed the Design To Act® framework as a way for organizations to scale data literacy and data storytelling. He has worked for 20 years in analytics, data visualization, and strategy. He graduated from Cornell University with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, and is currently an adjunct faculty at NYU.Previously, Lee founded and ran the NJ & NY Tableau User Groups (2010 – 18); he served as Tableau Ambassador (2016 – 20). DecisionViz is a Tableau Partner and Tableau Foundation Contributor.

Lee is an avid concert-goer; Deadpool is his favorite movie; he enjoys weightlifting and biking. He is married to Lori; they have two children, Matt and Aliyah.

Find out more at: https://www.decisionviz.com/