Recruit, prepare, and match startups with corporate partners to accelerate product refinement and go-to-market strategies for high-potential tech.

Grid Catalyst is kicking off 2023 with a new opportunity for startups through our PowerNorth Incubator. Minnesota has a robust energy economy and innovation ecosystem of established companies, vibrant startups, leading research centers, government support, and cross-sector partnerships. Minnesota is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies, many of which are leaders in energy and sustainability. We are also home to the most global Circular Economy 100 companies on the planet. Additionally, Minnesota has some of the most forward-thinking energy utility companies and a thriving clean energy economy. All of which adds up to a promising incubator landscape for startups looking to advance and scale.

This program will support hardtech startups on the pathway to commercialization and scaling by:

– Hosting incubator programming and a support system that is specifically curated for hardtech energy entrepreneurs and takes into consideration the technical feasibility and commercialization hurdles for those startups.
– Deepening collaboration with a network of partners, primarily mature energy and industrial businesses and leaders, who can invest in, mentor, and support entrepreneurs in this sector and region.
– Prioritizing diverse founders. To have a thriving energy innovation ecosystem, we are committed to elevating underrepresented founders in this sector.

This incubator platform was recently selected by the Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions as a semifinalist in their Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC).

Learn more and apply below. Applications are due January 31st.