Hoping to help teams overcome the awful traps they inevitably face, David Pereira formed a group of product professionals worldwide. Their goal was to develop a manifesto that could inspire product professionals to take action and change the world for the better. After many hours of passionate and engaging discussions, they crafted the Agile Product Manifesto for the community.

Come learn more about the Why behind the manifesto, challenge your thinking, and poke holes as you see fit – we’re looking forward to an engaging lunch-and-learn together. Big thanks to David for taking time out of his European evening to hang out with us during our Midwestern lunch hour.

David’s Bio:
I am a passionate Product Leader with ten years of product management experience. Over the last years, I led many product teams in successful endeavors. Curiosity drives me daily. My biggest fear is the comfort zone. Curiosity spurs action; knowledge kills it. My motto is, the faster we learn, the faster we succeed. Over the last years, I’ve been working as a Product Leader. I’m focused on coaching teams to deliver the highest value for their customers. One of my hobbies is writing articles. I share my ideas on Medium, and I’m an editor at Serious Scrum. I love learning from everyone.

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