We’re virtual-only this month.

• Location: Google Meet (link available in Meetup)

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7:00 – Meetup opens live.

7:15 – Formal program (in-person and online)

Opening remarks
Speakers (see below)
Feel free to bring any brief Python tidbits, experiences, or job openings you’d like to share with the group.
9:00 – Wrap up and Disperse

Questions will be collected from the Google Meet chat or Slack #general channel and answered live.


• Nick Bollweg — Building Python Code Quality
Tests and other tools in a codebase of any size are an agreement between you, other developers, other code, and your users. Let’s look at a few selections from the spectrum of static analysis, testing, and documentation tools, and how they can help assess, improve, and maintain quality Python code.

• You? We have space for additional speakers at this or a future meetup (Please see link below for volunteer form). Speakers can do so in-person or virtually (but you will likely want a laptop to present).

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