Would you like to know how you can lead organizations that are designed for high performance and humanity?

If so, join us for our next online event (Link will be provided). Also, if there is sufficient interest, we’ll meet as well at the Improving Minneapolis office at 5:30 PM for pizza and beverages. The online event will start at 6:00 when we welcome our virtual Community members for this special event with Brandi Olson.

Agility is all about the ability to create and respond to change in order to deliver better outcomes. When our current reality is that of unrelenting change, new data by the hour, and competing priorities — it’s critical to develop the ability to plan fast, learn fast, and adapt. But responding to change can be exhausting when everything seems important and nothing is predictable. This pace of change can drain our resources, time, and energy, but it doesn’t have to. It is possible, and necessary, to respond to change without burning out.

Brandi Olson will share her research from her book: Real Flow about the drivers of burnout that make it more difficult for teams and leaders to adapt and respond to change. In a “Fish Bowl” style conversation, we’ll explore together how to lead and influence change within our organizations so that we can break the cycle of burnout and create a path forward toward higher performance. (Note: the format may change based on whether we are hybrid or online only)

Brandi Olson is a best-selling author, organizational agility expert, and the founder of Real Work Done, a consultancy serving leaders through agile transformation, organizational strategy and team design, and executive coaching. She has spent two decades consulting with organizations — from nonprofits to universities to global companies like 3M and Mayo Clinics. An expert in organizational learning and change, she teaches leaders how to solve problems and adapt fast with high-performing teams. A sought-after speaker on agility and high-performing teams, Brandi lives in Minnesota with her two kids, four chickens, and one dog.
Learn more online: www.realworkdone.com