The data and analytics industry is among the highest in skilled labor shortages right now, and it can’t wait for everyone to finish a four-year degree in a stats or the like. Those degrees are great but there are quicker ways to get started, and the truth is many of the seasoned pros working in the field today fell into it by way of less-than-traditional paths.

She Talks Data has partnered with Kirsten Hoogenakker and Sistech to host an event unique from its usual. This event is targeted at women and under-represented communities seeking to start or transition into a career in data in the Twin Cities. There will be two separate panels;

1.) Panel of early-to-mid data pros talking about how they got where they are, and what helped and/or hurt them along the way:

Kirtsen Hoogenakker, Dataiku
Anna Lindquist, Turnberry
Meg Johnson, Matillion

2.) Panel of recruiters and hiring managers (Who are actually hiring!) sharing insights and advice from their perspectives:

Kristen Arendt, Relievant Medsystems
Mat Hoffman, Anderson Windows
Lindsey Bruns, Salesforce

We want every attendee to leave with real-world advice from early-to-mid career data pros, hiring managers and recruiters, as well as new connections and real-life opportunities in data to pursue. Food and drinks will be provided, and the event is free to all attendees. However, space is limited so please register asap.