After two years of connecting with others almost exclusively online, the 4th Annual SOAR Conference is transitioning to a two-day hybrid model. After gaining inspiration from the virtual conference on Tuesday, October 11, connect with women who share your passion for building a successful small business by attending one of the two in-person events in Princeton or Duluth, MN.

SOAR is a conference for women in business. It is also a mindset, an action plan, and a community geared at supporting women business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in our region to make incredible things happen.

This year, it’s our hope that the virtual conference inspires, recharges your mind and gets the creative juices flowing, and that the in-person events allow you to connect with others who have similar aspirations and who want to see women-owned businesses succeed.

Join us to tap into a local community that exists to support you and your dreams.