Are you curious to learn more about regenerative agriculture? Join Naturally MN as we celebrate the newest star in our sustainable food orbit, Tree-Range Farms. TRF is the final cog in an ecosystem built on regenerative land practices, animal health, and family farmer profitability & sustainability. The system is firmly grounded in a time-tested agriculture approach which places a premium on resiliency and measures success for the entire community. TRF CEO, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, will share his journey to create a scalable regenerative farming system capable of transforming a significant portion of the poultry industry.

This event will be offered online and in person. For those attending virtually, please check back later for a Zoom link.

Event Agenda:

3:00-4:00 TRF presentation (VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON at Little & Co.)
4:00-4:15 Q&A
4:30-6:00 Naturally MN Networking Event (IN PERSON at Little & Co.)

About Tree-Range Farms

Tree-Range Farms is on a mission to deploy regenerative farming systems to produce high-quality nutritious food for people choosing to align their dinner plates with their values. Our scalable, tree-based, poultry-centered system is reforesting the planet and producing delicious chicken while supporting family farmers & communities, building the soil, and helping rebalance the climate.​

About Little & Co.

Little & Company is a Minneapolis-based design and branding agency specializing in brand strategy, identity and naming, communications campaigns, employee engagement, and experience design. ​