AI is expected to deliver US$13 trillion of economic impact worldwide by 2030. With that high of an impact, it’d be easy to expect every AI project to be a guaranteed goldmine. However, 85% of AI projects fail to deliver their intended results to the business. So how can both things be true?

The answer lies in the execution. Most organizations view AI as evolutionary rather than revolutionary – they look at their existing business processes and think about how to fit AI into them. Instead, the organizations that realize the majority of the $13 trillion value are the ones who are able to take the output of AI models and use it to reimagine the way that they do business.

This month, we are joined by Fraser Gray-Smith – Senior Consultant at Slalom Consulting. He is a problem-solver, self-professed geek, and lifelong learner who has spent the last 8 years building and leading analytics teams across a wide array of industries. His focus is on teaching organizations how to implement AI in ways that drive business value.