Our mission at Evolve Security is to close the cybersecurity talent gap, and one way to achieve that is by addressing the gender gap within the industry. Women comprise just 24% of the cybersecurity workforce; and we want to change that. The first step in doing so is to start the conversation around this disparity and how we can help more women get into the field and secure their place in this ever-growing industry.

Evolve Academy Career Coach, Diane Gildea, will host a panel of leading women in the cybersecurity industry to discuss career growth, networking, job search and more. Make sure to register and join in on this important discussion.

About our host:

Diane Caimares-Gildea is the Founder of Maximum Wage (Maximum-wage.com) and has 8+ years of experience in recruiting, employer relations, and career coaching. She has been featured on leading career-related platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Jobscan.