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We work with thousands of photographers around the world, helping them fulfill their creative vision by printing and manufacturing products from their digital images. The transition to digital has fundamentally changed photography and lowered both the barrier to entry and the cost of doing business. More and more photographers are producing amazing content every day and it is our mission to help them memorialize their work in a physical way that will last for generations.


WHCC recognizes the need to invest and support the engineering team to keep up with the growing demand for quality photography. We are an established family-owned business with the soul of a startup.


About the Job

You’ll work on a small team of engineers and with an embedded product designer to build the front end of our various web applications most of which of designed to allow customers to configure and order our products.


WHCC has porous boundaries between teams – we encourage people to collaborate across roles to help find the best solutions possible.


We’re looking for you to:

  • Have a strong interest in building and understanding systems; if you have proven experience doing so, that’s even better.
  • Have experience with some of these:
    • Typescript/Javascript, PHP, C#, or Python
    • MongoDB, SQL, DynamoDB, RDS
    • AWS, Lambda functions, S3, SQS, CloudFront, Serverless, CDK
    • Photography, art, or printing
  • Jump between frameworks, databases, and languages while debugging complex problems across an entire Platform.
  • Feel comfortable writing, reviewing, and testing code.
  • Have interest in the fields of image manipulation, photography, print, math, and geometry.
  • Care about performance and optimizing code.
  • Communicate clearly and with empathy towards coworkers and clients.


You will: 

  • Design, build, and maintain scalable services, APIs, and tools used by internal and external engineering teams.
  • Debug production issues across various services and levels of the WHCC Platform.
  • Work collaboratively with technical and business teams to provide the best possible experience for our clients’ clients.
  • Strive for a strong and consistent client experience for all who use the WHCC Platform – developers or otherwise.


We will:  

  • Help you focus on what you do best — be that planning, sketching, wire-framing, prototyping, designing, writing, or coding — and give you opportunities to expand and grow your skillset.
  • Encourage you to pursue projects that bring you joy.
  • Foster an environment where you can grow and thrive as both an individual and a valued team member no matter your style or background.


Projects you could work on: 

  • This is primarily a backend position, while there are opportunities for frontend work if interested, most of the projects revolve around HTTP requests, AWS Lambda functions, and MongoDB or SQL.
  • Write code to generate PDF previews of products customized in our web product editors.
  • Develop workflows in AWS using SQS, Lambda, S3, SNS or DynamoDB.
  • Building or modifying endpoints to ease integration of external partners by allowing them to pass in supplemental data when ordering photos generated by our web product editors.
  • Debugging and maintaining internal tools used by designers to generate high fidelity card designs, made in Illustrator, into data our web product editors can understand and render.
  • Enhancing multiple external and internal APIs used by other engineering teams at WHCC as well as third party photography businesses
  • Debugging and maintaining internal tools used by Customer Service, a Photography Production floor, and other developers.
  • Designing and building the next generation of distributed, hybrid-cloud services for ordering and processing beautiful photographs from people all over the world.


Work Environment, Benefits + Perks 

While our production facilities are in Eagan, MN, the engineering department has the choice of working in-office, remotely, or hybrid; we value a creative and energized work environment tailored to how you work best. We’ll set you up with a Mac, as well as some hardware to help you get the job done.


We offer medical, dental, vision, 401k matching, great discounts on photo products, and competitive salaries. Pursuing passions outside of your day-to-day work is an important part of a healthy work/life balance, so we provide a flexible schedule to best work with you. Every member of our team is provided opportunities to continue learning; with many conferences and most training going virtual, this is easier than ever.


How to Apply 

A resume is a great start, but we’d love a letter about why you’re excited to work at WHCC. Feel free to send over whatever you think best represents what you do and who you are — we want to see it. If you have an online presence that captures your personality and passions, memes and all, we’d love to see that too. Apply on our website at


At WHCC, we welcome and encourage diverse perspectives and people who aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions! Please apply even if your experience doesn’t perfectly align with the description above – we focus on hiring extraordinary individuals – we want to hear from, and about, you.


WHCC is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Job Type: Full-time
Compensation Type: Salaried
Location: Eagan, MN (in person, hybrid or remote)
Posted by WHCC on May 8, 2023