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Open Systems Technologies

Sr. DevOps Engineer (Full-time | Remote)



OST is looking for an individual who is passionate about learning and invigorated by the thought of empowering clients and their teams to focus on what they are good at. In addition to working directly with clients the Sr. DevOps Engineer will work with other teams within OST to help transform the way they work and the products that they deliver.



A DevOps Engineer can’t be expected to be an expert in all disciplines; however, they should have a breadth of knowledge and understanding around some of the following areas: cloud computing, quality assurance testing, automation, data development and governance, application development, and networking. If not familiar with a given discipline, they must be willing to grasp at least a general understanding and not be afraid to pull in additional resources as needed. In addition, they must be well versed in modern Software Delivery methodologies.


Thinking ahead, seeing beyond, and building together 


We work alongside organizations to help accelerate their progress toward a digital future. With more than two decades of success behind us, we have the experience to help companies do what they do best, even better. Then we roll up our sleeves to accelerate their growth through technology and innovation. 

What you’ll accomplish:

  • Strive for continuous improvement regarding new and existing processes



  • Be able to “connect the dots” between technologies



  • Always be on the lookout for innovative technologies that impact the way we work



  • Be able to generate roadmaps that bridge the gap between existing procedures and best practices



  • Develop strong consulting relationships with clients and communicate effectively with clients and team



  • Help develop and leverage DevOps best practices to maximize the predictability and success of project(s)



  • Discovery and craft alerts around monitoring application observability



  • Provide guidance on how to be successful with a modern Software Delivery Lifecycle



  • Convert existing Azure resources into Infrastructure as Code



What you’ll bring:

  • >6 years of professional development experience



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field



  • Infrastructure as code experience: bicep, ARM, and/or Terraform



  • Experience with managing source control



  • Configured and leveraged Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) on development teams



  • Understanding of architectural principles around: development, testing, deployment, data, networking, cloud, security, and operations



  • Experience leveraging ADO YAML or GitHub Action Pipelines



  • Experience with at least one programming language. Preference for multiple (C#, JavaScript, SQL, Python)



  • Familiarity with CLI and PowerShell



  • Experience within the Azure PaaS stack



  • Ability to mentor and train junior team members



Above and Beyond if you come with:

  • At least any two of the following types certifications:


  • Azure Associate Specialty Certification



  • Azure Expert Certification



  • Azure Specialty Certification



  • AWS Professional Certification



  • AWS Associate Certification



  • AWS Specialty Certification



  • GCP Certification




  • Full Stack Development




  • Configuration Management




  • ETL/ELT Development




  • Operations Management



Job Type: Full-time
Compensation Type: Salaried
Location: Remote
Posted by Zoie Willson on August 31, 2022