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10 Lessons about Culture Change and Becoming a Catalyst for Good


When I talk with folks in software development about bringing new ideas, tools and processes to stagnant companies, I am frequently met with inspired but perplexed faces. “I can’t just start collaborating with people. It’s not that easy at my company. We don’t work like that.”

Turns out it takes more than an inspiring pep talk to get people collaborating in a meaningful way — it takes a cultural shift. But change doesn’t come easily. From my very first job as a UXer at a company with a burgeoning UX squad and incredible mentors to my current position on a team of (almost) one, I’ve screwed up a lot. But I’ve also learned a tremendous amount about instigating change, waiting patiently for change, and how a great work environment makes for healthier, happier practitioners.

Your organization is not the only one experiencing growing pains. Join me for 10 lessons on culture change and tips for becoming a catalyst for good right where you are.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Beth McKeever