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A Blog is a Book is a Blog


Come to this session and learn how bloggers turn themselves into old-school authors. I’ve mentored authors who’ve transformed their online work into recipe books, text books, how-to’s, memoirs, mysteries, and more.

Reports of the death of print have been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase a well-known self-published author (cough, MARK TWAIN.) In the same way that music went from vinyl to tape to disk to MP3 and back to vinyl, readers can’t quite abandon the sensory pleasures of the printed page, and indie authors have more power than ever before.

Cyberspace writers, take note. Your blogs, tweets, status updates, and emails all tell a story. If you’ve been only sporadically blogging on any topic for any length of time, you’ve probably fantasized of printing that stuff out and binding into a book. Heck–you’ve probably written a trilogy’s worth of material by now. Best of all, you’ve already built the platform that an author needs to sell books, so you’re five steps ahead of everybody else.

Indie publishing is changing by the minute. We’ll talk about what’s new, what’s old, and what makes sense for you.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Lily Coyle