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Across the Spectrum: UX Meets IoT


Aggregated computing becomes distributed computing… distributed computing becomes “hyper-distributed” computing. Monolithic content becomes granular content… granular content becomes hyper-granular content. As computing form factors march relentlessly from desktop / laptop to tablet, smartphone, and now the “Internet of Things”, user interface paradigms respond accordingly.

Join us in exploring the transition between previous form factors / technology generations and extending the underlying principles of those transitions to IoT — particularly human-scale IoT.

– Hyper-distributed computing brings unique UX challenges / opportunities relative to other topologies

– Human factors at human scale brings unique UX challenges / opportunities relative to other types of hyper-distributed computing

We’ll present a case study of Adaptive Avenue — an emerging hypermedia platform for automatic viewing of personalized Web content and an experiment in non-traditional media at human scale.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


David Quimby, Lukas Johnson