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App Developers: Containers are in your Future


The container hoopla has swept the technology industry in the past year. But, it’s still the early days for containers. Containers are core to what Google does. Google spins up more than two billion containers a week – it knows how to manage containers at scale.

Now Google is looking to take the lead in this growing market. Google was the first big vendor out with a container product with their announcements at Google Cloud Platform Live in November 2014. Since then, the dust continues to stir.

Come and learn how containers are helping us to move toward a future of widespread Platform-as-a-Service. This presentation will address the following questions:

– What are containers? – Why is this so important to Google’s Cloud Platform strategy? – Why didn’t this happen earlier? – How will containers change the way I develop and deploy applications? – I develop on AppEngine: Aren’t I already developing in containers? – What are other Platform-as-a-Service platforms doing?


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Paul Lundberg