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Browser Automation (For Development and Testing)

URL: http://jachin.rupe.name,

Using python to build a web app browser automation and fronted testing stack using [nose2](http://nose-devs.github.com/nose2/), [fabric](http://docs.fabfile.org/en/1.6/) and [webdriver](http://selenium.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/docs/api/py/index.html).

Or, write code to run a web browser (instead of typing, clicking, and dragging).

This in incredibly useful for testers/QA of web based applications but if you are developing web apps you should be testing too. Even if you are not explicitly “writing tests”, as a developer you have a lot to gain from browser automation.

The examples will be in python but the knowledge and techniques can be used in almost any popular language.


Minnebar 8 (2013-04-06)


Jachin Rupe