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Content 101_101 Ways to Publish Content

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No way you say, but there are 101 and more ways. The publishing world is in transformation, the means of publishing content have become freemium solutions on the web, and the long tail of content gets longer every day. We’ll look at the forms, formats, media, channels, and rights available for content publishing. From creation to production, from targeting to consumption, there are opportunities to consider and choices to make.

Got a story, artwork, song, movie or idea to share? Wondering how feasible it is to get your content out to the world? Have you considered the whys and hows for managing and distributing your work? Perplexed by the explosion of genres and options available? Got content? Learn 101 ways to publish.


Minnebar 8 (2013-04-06)


David Hedrick Skarjune