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Diverse Perspectives: I code. I parent. I role model. I engage.


We’ve all heard the statistics about diversity in technology. It’s easy to be a part of the problem and focus only on that, rather than working towards actionable solutions. But Brittani and Sara are solution seekers.

Weaving in their personal stories (and a little humor) with diverse perspectives, Brittani as a young Latina and Sara as a single parent and former teen parent, both women will share actions they have taken to be a part of the solution for keeping young students engaged and excited about technology.

This session will include:

-How Brittani bridges the Digital Divide through her work with Geek Squad Academy -How Sara approaches life as a single parent with a demanding career in technology -Both women sharing lessons learned (yes, even the not-pretty fall flat on your face lessons), challenges faced and solutions they’ve used as women in technology -Recommendations for employers, educators, parents, and professionals for continuing the engagement for young students -How we can all be role models for our next generation

About Brittani: Brittani is the Field Lieutenant for Geek Squad currently under Special Assignment with Best Buy Community Relations. She has worked 6 years for Best Buy in a variety of areas from retail cashier to best buy mobile and running in store Geek Squad Precinct as Senior CIA, all of these have allowed her to shape the idea of understanding these great brands. She travels the US representing Geek Squad and Community Relations via the Geek Squad Academy Program bring 21st century technology to teens in underserved cities, schools and nonprofit programs. Her passion is to continue to help build Best Buy’s relationship with community and employees throughout the US. Brittani serves as Co-Chair for Best Buy’s LatIN Employee Network. Outside of the office she spends her time with her family and her dog. She enjoys golf among other sports. Twitter: @BrittaniNUribe
About Sara: Sara holds two positions, one of which is Mama to her 11 year old daughter Anakka. Professionally, Sara is the manager of the Associate Facing Web Operations team. Her role is to manage day to day oversight and activities related to Associate Facing Web Operations including production support, technical web duties and initiatives in support of maintaining highly scalable associate facing web applications and services for BestBuy.com. In 2014 she launched the Twin Cities Geekettes chapter and helped with the re-launch of the Best Buy Women’s Employee Network. Outside of work she can be found on the volleyball court, dance floor, at live music shows, exploring Minnesota and enjoying adventures with her daughter. Twitter: @saraheitkampmn


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Sara Heitkamp, Brittani Uribe