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Every HTTP Status Code

URL: http://thingelstad.com/, http://garrickvanburen.com/,

During the SOPA blackout we all learned that we shouldn’t send a HTTP Status 200 for a blackout. Everyone knows what a 404 is. And most of us know the difference between a 301 and a 302. But there are over 65 HTTP status codes! We live eat and breath the web and we had better know what these status codes mean!

In this session we will quickly go over every HTTP status code, what it is for, why you use it, etc. This will be part informational and part theater as we try to make it through each one in the 45 minutes allotted us!

Be on time!


Minnebar 7 (2012-04-07)


Jamie Thingelstad, Garrick van Buren