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Excel to Database to Excel, a Round Trip via Rails


Businesses have too much logic encapsulated in Excel workbooks. This is *so* twentieth century. Learn how to migrate your worksheets into database tables, and leverage the Rails platform to perform calculations, sorting, and reporting. Learn how to export information into Excel workbooks to share with colleagues.

OS Platform: (primary) Windows and (optional) Mac OS

INTRO (Part I) : Intro to Rails, Databases, and why you should migrate business logic away from Excel.

Part II: How to set up Ruby and Rails on a Windows notebook.

Part III: How to leverage Rails and Gems to migrate Excel workbooks (both in the old .xls and new .xlsx formats) to database tables.

Part IV: How to perform calculations in Structured Query Language (SQL). If there is time, we will explore

Part V: How to leverage Rails to display your data in different formats.

Part IV: How to export your data as an Excel workbook, with different formatting.


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Ben Leadholm