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Fiery Inferno A web consultant roundtable

URL: http://www.cryns.com,

Being a web consultant ain’t always peaches and cream. Come to this session prepared to talk about the challenges (and successes) you’re having in your business.

Things your fellow business owners might want to hear from you about:

  • How are you getting your clients?
  • Are you doing anything to move beyond hourly billing (weekly? productized offerings?)
  • How are you “scaling past your time”? Subcontractors? Virtual assistants? Cloning facility on Kamino?
  • Have a killer billing or other administrative workflow/tool we should know about?
  • What’s frustrating you about your business right now? Maybe others have had the same obstacle and overcome it.

Your contribution will make or break this session, so don’t be bashful!

WARNING: A group hug MAY occur near the end of this session. (We’re not saying we’ll instigate one, but we wouldn’t stop one either).

PS – Aspiring freelancers, independent web consultants, and web consultancy owners are totally invited.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Toby Cryns, Ian Fitzpatrick