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Fight’s On: An Introduction to Distributed Interactive Simulation


As the complexity of systems and systems of systems has increased, so has the need to accurately model their behavior, predict their feasibility, and train users via simulation. Accordingly, simulations themselves have reflected the increased complextity of the systems they model, and have moved beyond a monolithic computational model to a more distributed and interactive model.

This session will provide an introductory overview of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) model. DIS “provides an infrastructure to build large scale-simulations for the simulation of highly interactive activities by interconnecting several types of simulators via a network.” We’ll look at the history of DIS, some of its IEEE standardized protocols, dig into some code, and try some examples.

This session should be of interest to those with an interest in scientific computing or MMPOG/MMOG development.


Minnebar 4 (2009-11-21)


Mark Beckman