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From Open Source to Open Space: The Growth of Coworking and Collaboration Spaces in Minnesota and Across the Globe

URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cdykstra,

Besides bringing us Linux, Drupal, Wikis and WordPress, open-source culture can take credit for giving birth to the current coworking movement.

Up from approximately 300 spaces at the end of 2009, there are now over 1,200 collaborative spaces around the world. One analyst predicts 10,000 such spaces in the U.S. alone in the next 5 to 7 years.

But it’s not just coders driving this movement. We’re seeing new kinds of collaborative spaces opening up, including commercial kitchens, industrial design and machine shops.

So, where’s all this headed? That’s what we want to discuss in this session. There are a few items I can convey in order to prime the pump, including: * What’s the point? Why are people even doing this? * Economic and business trends that could make coworking the new dominant form of office space * Outliers and extremophiles: what are some of the more interesting collaborative spaces around the world? * Results of a recent survey of over 600 coworking members from 24 countries * An update on Minnesota’s coworking/collaborative space scene

But mostly, I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this movement and field ideas for new collaborative ventures, particularly ones that allow us to make Minnesota more creative and entrepreneurial in solving its problems, growing its economy and being generally awesome.


Minnebar 6 (2011-05-07)


Don Ball, Chris Dykstra