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Gigabit (Speed) SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK (Networking) for Geeks

URL: http://justinmcporter.com/,

We all love attending events organized by the minne team, but there is never enough time to meet everyone at the events. Plus, if you are anything like the stereotypical geek, then you might be a little (or a lot) introverted. Well, this is the session for you! We get the crowd to connect with each other in a fun and energetic way through speed networking.

What is “Speed Networking”?
Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model that enables participants to make new contacts through one-on-one focused conversations lasting between 3-5 minutes.

How speed networking works:
Its organized chaos loud, energizing, and fun! Participants are split into two groups and face each other. The person sitting across from you is your first partner. You spend no more than 5 minutes with each partner (1.5 minutes for each person to speak plus 1 minute for questions) before the bell/horn/whistle indicates that time is up and the designated side of the table is told to move one seat over to face the next person. Once the speed part is over, theres time later for people to reconnect with those they wanted to talk to in more detail.

What should I do to prepare?
Bring business cards and your elevator pitch. 1.5 minutes isnt long, so forget about listing your complete professional and personal life history. Pick a couple of key things and find an engaging way to describe them.


Minnebar 9 (2014-04-12)


Justin Porter, Kevin Walker