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Gobot Meets IoT : Using Go to Control The Things Around Us.

URL: http://recursiveawesome.com,

The world of physical computing and the so called [“Internet of Things”](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things) is getting smarter. Shouldn’t we be using smarter languages as well?

[Gobot](http://gobot.io) is an open source robotics framework which allows developers to interface and control a multitude of devices using the [Go Programming Language](https://golang.org/). We’ll cover the history of where the Internet of Things is today, where it’s forecasted be in the future and why you should care. I’ll also demo using Gobot to control an [Arduino](http://arduino.cc), [Sphero](http://www.gosphero.com/) and [ArDrone](http://ardrone2.parrot.com/).


Minnebar 10 (2015-04-11)


Justin Grammens