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How to Fireproof Your Career and Chortle at Recession Worries


Bad job? No job? No problem.

Learn 5 high-tech and no-tech secrets to real job security from Minnesota Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies, and Star Tribune Careers columnist, Kevin Donlin.

Here they are …

  1. Get Real (5-10 min.) There’s no record in human history of anyone being hired by a computer. What does that mean for you?
  2. Get Social (10 min.) With proven career hacks for Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  3. Get Guerrilla (10 min.) Learn the “job in a box” trick that got one IT guy hired in Mesa, Arizona … even though he used it on the wrong employer.
  4. Get Recruited (10 min.) The care and feeding of recruiters. How to make them hate you. And like you. Tip: do the latter.
  5. Get Smart (10-15 min.) Q&A on any career topic you can think of. If you stump us, we buy you lunch.

Featuring NO PowerPoint. You’re welcome.


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Paul DeBettignies, Kevin Donlin